Thermo reactive Fat burner


Food supplement. Long-term tested thermogenic product for effective fat loss. TRF® - thermo reactive fat burner is one of the few products that effectively increases the temperature of the subcutaneous tissue, muscles and periphery.

Simply put. "More efficiently to your weight ideal!"

TRF® instant, granular contains standardized plant extracts in the appropriate ratio, i.e. green tea extract with catechins, black pepper extract and royal hazel leaf bud extract: Green tea catechins (polyphenols) contribute to weight control through lipid metabolism (fat burning), Green tea also contributes to the excretion of water from the body, Black pepper contributes to normal digestion and weight control, Royal walnut leaf buds contribute to the body's natural defense against external influences and to normal function of the intestinal tract, Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, to normal energy metabolism and plays a role in protecting cells from oxidative stress. TRF® has a specific taste due to its natural composition. It is simply not tasty, but it WORKS!


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