Health and Beauty

ClineX - the health and beauty clinic is a franchise project, where our goal is to provide expert advice on body shaping, skin care, makeup, hairstyle and fashion style to people in every major city. In each of the four areas of services, an expert and consultant will attend to you, who you spend 3 months with you until you achieve the result you want. 

Body shaping

An experienced partner will not only put together a diet and schedule of activities according to the needs of your body and pace of your life, but subsequently also help you keep them and establish good eating habits you can rely on in thefuture. You can turn to him at any time, eat or engage in planned activities together. Within about 3 months, you will thus learn the differences between a healthy and unhealthy diet, the difference in the influence of eating during various phases of the day, an individual drinking regime and many other useful tips and habits. The result is not only knowledge, but also a body shaped according to your wishes.​

Skin care

A professional partner will analyse your skin and provide you with three monthly intensive care sessions. The primary aim is to understand and learn how to properly care for your own complexion and skin. The result is a more youthful, healthy-looking skin and skills that you can use in the everyday care for your skin.


Image - hairstyle and makeup

Within the 3 months, special stylists will gradually try and advise a hairstyle and makeup best for your face type and lifestyle. They will teach you how to take care of your hair, how to to put on make-up for various events and meetings, but also how to simply and easily beautify yourself every day.


Image - fashion

Not everyone has the opportunity to follow classic and modern trends. Put yourself in the hands of a stylist who will go to the stores and rentals of nice clothes in your region during the three months and suggests a style that suites you best. The aim is to try something different, learn to combine styles and accessories suitable for different occasions and different seasons, find the kind of clothes that will always suite you as well as clothes you will only use once to one particular event.

We are currently working at full capacity in all cities until December 2019. We accept new orders very exceptionally and only on/upon recommendation. If you are interested in creating a new clinic in your town/city, please write to Thank you for your understanding.

Petr Pěnkava, Project manager


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