Products under our premium brand Medical Swiss come from a development centre in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a premium line that corresponds with Swiss precision and quality standards. The products of this quality are redundant amounts of active ingredients, all of which are clinically tested and are mostly available at leading clinics not only in Switzerland.

In pharmacies in the Czech Republic, you can currently only find the product H2Out. This dietary supplement is a highly effective and freely available product for dehydrating the body, whereby it prevents not only the frequent swelling and puffiness, but also makes any physical activity and movement significantly more efficient.  This results in significant differences in performance and in the results of weight loss training. Thanks to these results, the coach and trainer Hanka Kynychová has also chosen this product for her fitness centre and her broad base of protégés.

In pharmacies in the Czech Republic, you can find packs of 20 capsules and the financially advantageous packs of 40 capsules. 

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