Miss Cosmetic is a Czech company.
Monika Žídková, Miss Czech Republic and Miss Europe, is a co-owner and founder of the company.
The history of the company goes back to 1997. We primarily specialize in the development and production of skin care cosmetics, wellness and dietary products and health and beauty products.
One of the company divisions is the creating of turnkey products and the creation of cosmetic and vitamin products for promotional purposes. We cooperate with authorities in the fields of dietetics and pharmaceutics - including Prof. Dr. Rajko Doleček, DrSc, Dr. Milan Krajíček, MUDr. Kateřina Cajthamlouvá and others.

Miss Cosmetic is primarily specialized in the development and manufacture of private label perfumes, creams and skin care cosmetics. One of the branches of productions is the production of advertising perfumes in sizes from ranging from 10 to 100 ml, and the production of advertising skin care cosmetics.
Our aim is to supply the market with completely original and high-quality Czech products at reasonable prices, and we believe we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements.



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