In the event of illness, you don’t just have to use standard antibiotics. Why not try a natural alternative? Phytoxan is the best solution. Phytoxan is a natural antibiotic that fights the symptoms of illness, influenza, colds, sore throats and infections, but has no negative effects on your digestion as is the case with standard antibiotics.

As humankind progresses, viruses change and start to be resistant against antibiotics. It becomes harder and harder to treat malicious influenza or a serious infection. Also, the consumption of antibiotics is increasing and it is exactly these antibiotics, which should help us recover, that are causing us numerous health problems. Those most known and most common are digestive problems, as antibiotics cause damage to the natural microflora of our body, especially in the intestines, which may cause unpleasant digestive problems and reduce immunity.

Phytoxan contains extract from oregano, which supports proper digestion and the proper functionality of the upper respiratory tract. Black pepper fruit extract also supports proper digestion and supports the biological value of other substances. Furthermore, meadow sage extract has positive effects on the immunity system.

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