Reduxil duo is a purely natural product, actively reducing unnecessary fat. It also works in problematic parts of the body with less blood supply. It should be applied in the morning and in the evening, while in combination with the gradual release the metabolism performance is maximised over the entire 24 hours. It works in the same way as setting the heating for maximum performance and you open the windows fully at the same time. Thanks to the combination of both elements, energy output can be 5-times higher over a 24 hours period. Reduxil is used for 30 days and its results are visible after just 2 days. It is appropriate to use it as a supplement for diets.

Reduxil Duo is a nutritional supplement containing a combination of morning capsules and evening pills with 6 natural herbal substances, enriched with iron. Common nettle extract helps to achieve the normal functioning of the kidneys. Grape skin extract helps the control of your body weight and iron then plays a role in the ordinary energy metabolism.

As in the case of your skin during the day and the night, your metabolism also has to be adjusted to these parts of the day. For your skin, you should apply the daily cream over the day and the night version at night. By making it conversely, it would have negative consequences. Open the floodgate and let the energy flow in, ideally over 24 hours, so non-stop. Doctors recommend to “open the floodgate”. However, there is a different floodgate for the day and for the night. If we open them 24 hours in a row, we combine quicker weight reduction than normal. Your body and metabolism work in this way even when sleeping. This is how Reduxil works. It is a supplement, which may be found in every drugstore in the Czech Republic or on



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