Vakcinal natural syrup is a specially developed nutritional supplement for every vaccine. Vakcinal syrup offers sensitive and careful help from nature for everyone who undergoes a vaccination. It complements vaccinations, harmonises the body and it also tastes great for children!

Vakcinal was developed to be able to help patients in the event of mild adverse effects from a vaccination and to relieve related problems. Its concept is based on the fact that the percentage of the milder forms of the adverse effects may exceed the official statistics of vaccination producers and that it’s only a little examined area of patient health control. Nevertheless, Vakcinal syrup is not a substitute medical care and people should always report any unusual occurrences related to a vaccination to their doctor. 

The arabinogalactan contained within the product brings relaxation and at the same time supports the vaccination effects. Curcuma extract helps digestion and limits inflammation. Generally, Vakcinal® helps the healthy functioning of the neural and immunity system, while it also helps to avoid stress. Thanks to a strong composition of natural substances and the mandarine flavour of the syrup, Vakcinal makes any vaccination for children markedly easier. More information about the product and its purchase possibilities can be found at or in every drugstore. 


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