Wurm-Ex is the only freely available and highly effective dietary supplement that acts against parasites found in the human body. It presents a solution to a problem that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers to be the sixth most common cause of serious diseases in the world. Wurm-Ex contains extracts and active compounds, which are valued for their antiparasitic effects in folk medicine all around the world. It is primarily intended for people who travel a lot and make visits, pet owners and those who love salads and raw meat. Its use can be both targeted and preventive.

Not only excessive contact with pets, but also insufficiently washed root vegetables, raw meat delicacies, people without medical documentation and free travel are the most common causes of human infections. Most serious, however, is the constant confusion of symptoms of types of coughs, allergies, gradually becoming overweight, ill-will and unnatural fatigue as symptoms of common diseases.

We have developed Wurm-Ex since 2010, when the publication of studies on the consequences of not solving parasite overgrowth in humans showed that the problem in Europe is already affecting four people out of five.  Thanks to clinically proven results, today Wurm-Ex is supplied to 21 countries. Apart from European Union countries, you will also find Wurm-Ex in pharmacies in Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia. It is currently being approved in the states of North America, Russia, and a significant distributor of drugs to the countries of Africa inquired about modifying the composition for these countries. Wurm-Ex is only used for 10 days twice a year. In Europe the best time to use it is the period when we are de-worming our pets. Sixty-five percent of people regularly return for Wurm-Ex, and in independent customer reviews in the Czech Republic, it has a success rate of over 80%. In the Czech Republic, you will find Wurm-Ex in every pharmacy or at www.wurm-ex.cz.

.In the Czech Republic, you can find packs of 10 capsules in pharmacies for people under a body weight of 70 kg or an advantageous pack of 20 capsules for people who weigh over 70 kg.  Wurm-Ex Plasma is designed for children of preschool and primary school age and for a short time you will also find a very convenient family pack which contains 2 Wurm-Ex packs of 20 capsules, 1 Wurm-Ex Plasma pack and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that connects with any smartphone, tablet or PC with bluetooth.

More information at www.wurm-ex.cz / www.worm-ex.com


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